Carrara lives on as my male muse. He led me through thirty rewarding and demanding years of praise, and gratitude, challenging my intellect. We read poetry, histories of artists' lives, attended lectures and concerts and most often discussed our efforts. We traveled to see art and architecture. I set the table for invited guests, preparing a good meal; the stage for his argomenti.

His voice rarely ceased talking about architecture and retelling his experiences in WWII. His hands rarely stopped writing poetry in lengthy extreme or realizing drawings with one pencil line.

I never imagined the extent and volume of Carrara’s lifelines until I filed through shelves of texts and boxes of drawings.

With this publication and exhibits I am expressing gratitude for what he taught me and for what I know and will study for the rest of my life.

The hero is he who is immovably centered. –Emerson

Gillion Carrara
February, 2015


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